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Utah Arches N - Z - Arches National Park

Arches National Monument was created in 1929 and achieved national park status in 1971.  Arches National Park contains the largest concentration of natural arches anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive study of the park was undertaken by J Edward McCarrick and Dale J Stevens and was published in their book “The Arches of Arches National Park” in 1988. It contains detailed information and photographs of 527 natural arches. Two additional supplements were issued which increased the number of known arches in the park to around 2000.

Below is a small sample of the arches in the park. Where a ranking is given it is based on the original work by McCarrick and Stevens after adjusting for Private Arch that was discovered in 1991.

Nand Arch_ANP

Nand Arch

Navajo Arch_ANP

Navajo Arch

North Window_ANP

North Window

Parade of Elephants Arch_ANP

Parade of Elephants Arch

Parallel Arch_ANP

Parallel Arch

Partition Arch_ANP

Partition Arch

Piano Leg Arch_ANP

Piano Leg Arch

Pine Tree Arch_ANP

Pine Tree Arch

Pothole Arch_ANP

Pothole Arch

Private Arch_ANP

Private Arch

Rainbow Arch_ANP

Rainbow Arch

Ribbon Arch_ANP

Ribbon Arch

Ring Arch_ANP

Ring Arch

Sand Arch_ANP

Sand Arch

Sand Dune Arch_ANP

Sand Dune Arch

Sand Hill Arch_ANP

Sand Hill Arch

Screech Owl Arch_ANP

Screech Owl Arch

Seagull Arch_ANP

Seagull Arch

Serpentine Arch_ANP

Serpentine Arch

Sibling Arch_ANP

Sibling Arch

Skull Arch_ANP

Skull Arch

Skyline Arch_ANP

Skyline Arch

South Window_ANP

South Window

Stale Arch_ANP

Stale Arch

Surprise Arch_ANP

Surprise Arch

Swept Arch_ANP

Swept Arch

Tapestry Arch_ANP

Tapestry Arch

Teatime Arch_ANP

Teatime Arch

Tower Arch_ANP

Tower Arch

Tunnel Arch_ANP

Tunnel Arch

Turret Arch_ANP

Turret Arch

Walk Thru Bridge_ANP

Walk Thru Bridge

Wall Arch_ANP

Wall Arch (fallen)

White Fin Arch

White Fin Arch

Window Arch_ANP

Window Arch