Arches NP A-M

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Utah Arches A - M - Arches National Park

Arches National Monument was created in 1929 and achieved national park status in 1971.  Arches National Park contains the largest concentration of natural arches anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive study of the park was undertaken by J Edward McCarrick and Dale J Stevens and was published in their book “The Arches of Arches National Park” in 1988. It contains detailed information and photographs of 527 natural arches. Two additional supplements were issued which increased the number of known arches in the park to around 2000.

Below is a small sample of the arches in the park. Where a ranking is given it is based on the original work by McCarrick and Stevens after adjusting for Private Arch that was discovered in 1991.

Aladdin's Lamp Arch_ANP

Aladdin's Lamp Arch

Arch of Motion_ANP

Arch of Motion

Baby Arch_ANP

Baby Arch

Bean Pot Arch_ANP

Bean Pot Arch

Bench Arch_ANP

Bench Arch

Biceps Arch_ANP

Biceps Arch

Big Eye Arch_ANP

Big Eye Arch

Black Arch_ANP

Black Arch

Box Arch_ANP

Box Arch

Broken Arch_ANP

Broken Arch

Christmas Tree Arch_ANP

Christmas Tree Arch

Cliff Arch_ANP

Cliff Arch

Cove Arch_ANP

Cove Arch

Crystal Arch_ANP

Crystal Arch

Debris Arch_ANP

Debris Arch

Delicate Arch_ANP_2

Delicate Arch

Diamond Arch_ANP

Diamond Arch

Double Arch_ANP

Double Arch

Double O Arch_ANP

Double O Arch

Echo Arch_ANP

Echo Arch

Eye of the Whale_ANP

Eye of the Whale

Far Out Arch_ANP

Far Out Arch

Flatiron Arch_ANP

Flatiron Arch

Forgotten Arch_ANP

Forgotten Arch

Frame Arch_ANP

Frame Arch

Hidden Arch_ANP

Hidden Arch

Indian Head Arch_ANP

Indian Head Arch

Inner Scantum Bridge_ANP

Inner Scantum Bridge

Kissing Turtles_ANP

Kissing Turtles

Landscape Arch_ANP

Landscape Arch

Leaping Arch_ANP

Leaping Arch

Lightning Bolt Arch_ANP

Lightning Bolt Arch

Magic Mystery Bridge_ANP

Magic Mystery Bridge